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Vic's IO Board V1.0

This IO board started out as a key component of the home automation project (see here), but given the staggering amount of effort it has taken to bring it into fruition I made the executive decision that it deserves it's own page.  

Board features/specs:
  • Dual micro-controllers
    • Dedicated communications processor
    • Dedicated input/output processor
  • 24VDC power input. 
    • Fused
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • Over-voltage protection
    • ESD protection
  • Analog sensor power supply
    • Over-current protection with software detect and reset
    • Diode-protected output
  • Eight analog inputs
    • Over/under voltage protection
    • 12-bit resolution
    • Four ICTD inputs that can double as 0-500mV inputs
    • Four 4-20mA inputs that double as 0-5VDC inputs
    • Adjustable low-pass filter on the analog inputs
  • Four digital outputs
    • Over-current protection with software detect and reset
    • Sourcing configuration
    • Diode-protected output
  • Communications
    • RS-232 signaling 
    • Hardware (CTS/RTS) flow control
    • Text-based interface intended for human use
    • Binary interface intended for machine use
  • Firmware
    • 100% C code
    • No/minimal assembler
    • Thoroughly documented
    • No external dependencies
  • Open design (coming soon)
    • Full software stack (firmware, middle layer, HMI) is open source
    • Hardware design is provided 

Click on the pictures to expand them.

Top view

Another top view

Dual stack - digital output terminals

Dual stack - RS-232, analog input, analog power supply, and power supply terminals

Back of the PCB

Front of the PCB

Text-based interface intended for testing/human use