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So I am going to go ahead and open with this.  Those are the stats for the 'LOGIC_CORE' piece of the software stack.

For those not fluent in gibberish, what this shows that after an hour of something like half-dozen threads grinding away at the IO board communicating with an "end user" process no memory errors have been encountered.  No out of bounds writes, nothing was lost after allocation, etc.  What this means is that my software stack is better than most commercial software out there.  With the exception of one allocation from the standard library, all 285,992 memory allocations were accounted for.  And even that one 72K chunk of memory allocated by 'the system' was simply not freed at application exit.

But uncle Vic, what does all that mean?  It means that both the hardware and the software are working.  They're working FUCKING FLAWLESSLY (for some definition of 'flawless').  

Next step is getting them working on the BBB.  That should not be a super huge deal since all development is done on a Linux machine and the BBB is running a relatively recent version of Linux as well.