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Well the boards have been lost in shipment along with a Digi-Key order.  Two orders in the span of two days.  Not even properly lost.  They were delivered to the wrong address.  Through complete and total incompetence of the USPS I received junk mail destined for 1234 Street A.  I live on 1234 Street B.  According to Google maps that's a neighborhood two streets over so it's probably the same mail route.  Put two and two together to come up with:  the local post office can't handle their one job - to deliver a package.

This really burns my ass.  I can not stand incompetence.  If this was one mistake, OK fine.  This is two packages in the span of two days.  This is gross negligence and incompetence.  The boards managed too make it all the way across the country from Oregon just to be lost by the local bumblefucks in Louisiana.

The Digi-Key order was insured.  The boards were not.  Hopefully they will show up on Monday.  If they don't I'll have to have them remade.